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RPA is for everybody.
You. Me. The IT guy. Everyone.
- Brandon Nott, SVP Products

Join host Brandon Nott as he sits down every other week with a new guest to discuss their experience with UiPath software robots. Hear about the newest applications for RPA, tips for automating different processes across the enterprise and actionable advice on putting your own software robots to better use.

What Does ‘A Robot For Every Person’ Mean?
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) isn’t just for the IT crowd with the right know-how. Anyone can build, design and deploy their own robots. We want to democratize this incredible technology and help everyone realize all that RPA has to offer.

Who Should Attend?
When we say everyone can jump in, we most certainly mean “everyone":

- Automation Users
- Citizen Developers
- RPA Developers
- Centers of Excellence
- Business Managers
- Line of Business Directors

What You’ll Learn
Each 30-minute webcast will highlight a success story from a UiPath customer or partner. UiPath RPA experts will also join the conversation to dig into specific software robots, show viewers the latest automations and demonstrate how they can get the most out of these reliable helpers. You’ll walk away with actionable insights on how to expand your use of automation today.
And that’s just for starters. You’ll learn, you’ll laugh, you’ll be inspired to try out your own RPA tools and talk with automation experts. Ready to learn how your organization can work toward building a robot for every person?

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Recorded NOV 12, 2020

Episode FIVE:

Featuring UiPath 20.10 new attended robot capabilities and customer spotlight with Cleveland Clinic.



Recorded OCT 29, 2020

Episode FOUR:

Featuring UiPath Studio, a partner spotlight from Accilerate and a live demo of Triggers in action!



Recorded OCT 15, 2020

Episode THREE:

Featuring UiPath Assistant, a customer spotlight from EY and a view into 'picture-in-picture' RPA!



Recorded OCT 1. 2020

Episode TWO:

Featuring a LexisNexis customer spotlight, an Automation Hub demo and discussion on advancing citizen development.




Episode ONE:

UiPath StudioX,  dentsu Customer spotlight and the Redaction automation.



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